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ID guidelines,

and pricing.


Piercing info and I.D. guidelines

We do not pierce children under the age of 10 years old. 

Children 10 years old and up, we will preform standard earlobe piercings on. 

14 years old and up, we will preform other ear piercings, and more at the piercers discretion. 

Absolutely no surface work, nipple, or genital type piercings on minors. 

Identification Requirements for 18+:

Clients of the age 18 or older will only require VALID state issued photo ID, such as a state ID, driver's license, or passport. We do not accept expired copies of said ID, or temporary paper copies.

Identification Requirements for minors:

Parent and child must both provide legal identification. The parent must have valid state issued identification, such as a driver’s license. The child must also provide identification such as a driver's license, learners permit, or passport.

The last names for the parent and child must match on the ID’s.

You must also bring with you the state issued copy of the child's birth certificate as well. If the child does not yet have a state issued ID, such as listed above, they may bring in their current student identification and must also have the state issued copy of their birth certificate.

A step parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. may not sign for a minor. They must have legal guardianship of said minor. If there is a custody situation, where the child lives with a legal guardian instead of the parent; stamped, registered court paperwork must accompany the above stated picture identification. No exceptions. 

Piercing prices

We do not perform any oral piercings. That includes :
Traditional vertical tongue, double vertical tongue, or any horizontal tongue work. 
Also includes: Any lip piercings. Lower labret piercings, upper labret piercings, etc.
This is an indefinite decision made by our piercers.
While in the future, we MAY decide to bring back lip piercings, we will not be bringing back any tongue work at all.

Prices listed are the base piercing fee. Different jewelry choices will effect the total piercing cost.

Nostril - $40

Septum - $40

Helix - $40

Flat - $40

Tragus - $40

Conch $40

Daith - $40

Rook -  $40

Earlobes (Pair) - $60

Single earlobe - $40

Nipples (Pair) - $60

Single nipple - $40

Eyebrow - $50

Industrial - $70

Jewelry Change - $10

These prices do not include the cost of jewelry.

Jewelry is priced PER PIECE and not as a set. It is important to remember that this is where pricing starts. We have a wide selections of solid gold, and titanium body jewelry. Sizing of rings will depend on your anatomy.

If you are having jewelry installed that is not purchased from us, there is a $10 installation fee.

A Tool Fee of $5 may apply to certain jewelry change costs, even including jewelry purchased from us, depending on the complexity of the changeout.