Appointment only for piercings and tattoos.

American Tattoo Company has been family owned and operated in The Woodlands, TX since 2006. We provide quality tattoo and piercing services. Our artists are experienced, trained in blood borne pathogens, and certified. We strive to maintain high standards in the tattoo and body piercing industry, with hospital grade sterilization practices and quality body jewelry.

We feature artists from all walks of life, and artistic backgrounds. We have someone for every client and style! We're open 7 days a week, with artists always on. Whenever you're ready for your next tattoo or piercing, come on by and get started!

Meet our talented artists and piercers.


Pedro "Dro" Rodarte

Off Wednessday-Thurday

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Full-time artist, custom tattoo artist. Strong points are photo realism and color saturation. Aspirations are to learn as I go, grow and become better at creating beautiful pieces of work as the years come. Loves whiskey and carrot cake.


Tank Maass

Off Sunday-Monday

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Tank has been tattooing for about 18 years, and his favorite is large scale custom pieces.


Miguel Rogel

Off Monday-Tuesday

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Miguel has been piercing for about 7 years, and he enjoys doing just about everything we offer!


Sydnni Thaxton

Off  Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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Sydnni has been piercing for about 4 years, and loves doing ear curations! Anything on the ears is her favorite.

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Ryan Sager

Off Monday-Tuesday

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Ryan owns a shop in California called "Seasic"! He excels in black and grey, but loves any chance he gets to be creative.

Interested in our tattoos?

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Before you pop in, just know that we're appointment only for piercings.  We're also mainly appointment based for tattoos, occasionally we have walk in availability, but definitely give us a call first, unless you're okay with having to set up an appointment! You can always just walk in for consultations and setting up tattoo appointments!

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