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Welcome to American Tattoo and Body Piercing!

We strive to maintain high standards in the tattoo and body piercing industry, with hospital grade sterilization practices, and quality, implant grade body jewelry.

Our artists are experienced, trained in blood borne pathogens, and certified.

We feature artists from all walks of life, and artistic backgrounds. We have someone for every client and style! We're open 7 days a week, with artists always on. Whenever you're ready for your next tattoo or piercing, come on by and get started!

About American Tattoo

At American Tattoo and Body Piercing, our team is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable, clean and positive experience when choosing to decorate your body. Our experienced artists offer a range of styles, with something for everyone. Our piercers work some of the finest jewelry the industry has to offer, from implant grade titanium to solid 14k gold. We primarily work by appointments, but offer walk-in services on a first-come first-serve basis when we have the availability. 

Meet our talented artists and piercers

Our talented tattoo artists & piercers work on both an appointment and walk-in basis, although appointments are preferred.
(Walk in availability is not guaranteed depending on appointment traffic.)



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Off Wednesday-Thursday


Pedro is a full time  custom artist. His strong points are realism and color saturation. He also loves whiskey and carrot cake.



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Off Monday-Tuesday


Ryan specializes in black and grey, along with small scale work. Want a tiny tattoo? He's your guy. He also owns his own studio in California!



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Off Sunday-Monday


Jimmeh is a new school/traditional artist. He specializes in color over anything else. You want custom flash? Jimmeh's got it.



Off Monday-Tuesday


Miguel enjoys doing just about anything we offer. His strong points are more technically involved piercings, and symmetry. 



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Off Wednesday-Thursday


Sydnni adores doing ear piercings above all else, especially if you pick something unusual as far as jewelry goes!

Come give us a visit when you're ready!

We're open 7 days a week,  so whenever you're ready for your next tattoo or piercing, stop in and see us. 

We've been proudly serving The Woodlands TX since 2007. Located on I-45 between Woodlands Parkway and Rayford Sawdust. Only a small ways from The Woodlands Mall, our staff is in 7 days a week for all your body decorating needs. 


1pm - 6pm

Monday - Saturday

1pm - 8pm

(Hours are a best estimate, as we work on an appointment basis.)

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